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French Education Ministry turns to Free Software and Nextcloud

The containment due to the health crisis of COVID-19 highlighted the lack of implementation of telework solutions not only in many companies, but also in the national education system. This has led to a real rush of budding teleworkers towards solutions such as Cloudeezy.

In this context, the Direction du Numérique pour l'Education (DNE) has finally reacted by turning to free software, of which Nextcloud is a part.

"The Digital Direction for Education ensures the development and deployment of the public service of digital education. It has a general competence in the steering and implementation of information systems. It implements digital technology to serve the School of Trust", we can read on the dedicated page.

The DNE has therefore set up a platform to "provide day-to-day support and meet the needs of remote work during containment. This experimental version is the result of a project that is intended to be continued at the national level. You will find the essential tools common to all the professions in the French National Education system. Users are the owners of their data and are, in fact, in charge of their management."

We can only welcome this. Thank you for the privacy and personal data of all. 👏

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