Nextcloud 16 introduces AI-based security and usage features, ACL permissions and cross-application projects

Nextcloud 16 introduces AI-based security and usage features, ACL permissions and cross-application projects

Group folders now use access control lists so that system administrators can easily manage access to share content across the organization. We also present Projects, a way to easily link and find related information such as files, discussions or tasks.

Automatic learning (AI) in security and smarter collaboration

Nextcloud 16 introduces a number of smart features designed to make life easier for users and protect corporate data. Suspicious connection detection uses a locally trained neural network to detect connection attempts made by malicious actors.

Access control lists to replace traditional file servers

Nextcloud 16 introduces support for access control lists to fulfill a role typically performed by file servers such as Windows Network Drive. System administrators can set specific access rights on each file and (sub)folder of a group folder sharing. These are inherited by default. Therefore, a "no write access" for a specific user or group will apply to all files and sub-folders, unless redefined at a deeper level by the system administrator.

Projects: connect your data

Nextcloud 16 also introduces deeper integration between the different types of information users work with. By linking resources, projects of related elements can be created and maintained. For example, the Talk application conversation can be linked to the files participants are working on, a calendar in which they schedule their calls and a project table with their tasks in the Deck application.

Talk 6.0

Nextcloud 16 also introduces a major version of Nextcloud Talk, version 6.0. This release introduces a series of improvements, including the brand new command that allows administrators to define actions that users can call from a discussion. There are also major improvements in usability, persistent individual conversations and more. Of course, Talk also supports projects, allowing users to connect a discussion to files, folders and tasks. Android and iOS applications for Talk have also been updated with new versions that support file sharing in a chat, persistent conversations, security features for Android and screen sharing support on iOS.

For end users

Privacy is under attack more than ever. Nextcloud is explicitly designed to help users escape privacy infiltration from cloud providers by providing a replacement for Office 365, Dropbox and Google applications. What does privacy mean to our users and how can Nextcloud help you keep your data under control? Nextcloud 16 introduces the privacy center, where users can see where their data is located and who has access to it.


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