Nextcloud Flow

Nextcloud Flow makes it easy to automate actions and workflows

Nextcloud Flow is designed to help you automate tasks. For example, when a file is added to a specific folder in Nextcloud, a shared link to the file can be created and sent via Nextcloud Talk to a specified chat room. In particular, Flow can help the workflow of teams collaborating on documents, such as approval and review processes.

Here is a concrete example of the use of Nextcloud Flow :

1. A partner sends a sales order form by e-mail to a special inbox (e.g. '[email protected]'). The attachments in this box are automatically uploaded to Nextcloud and, because they are placed in a specific folder, they receive a specific tag (TAG).

2. This tag (TAG) then causes the file to be added as a task card to a board in the Nextcloud Deck application so that the 'X' team can process it later. Team 'X''s chat informs them of the arrival of the new task.

3. A member of the 'X' team reviews the form and, when completed, moves the map to the 'Done' status, which then automatically adds a 'Reviewed' tag. This tag causes a notification to the manager.

4. Once the "Approved" tag has been added, the files are converted to PDFs and then shared via a public link, which in turn is added to a mail that is sent to the partner.

Nextcloud Flow Screenshot

As you can see, Nextcloud Flow can go beyond file processing by combining the different capabilities of Nextcloud and its different applications. Through a simple API, Nextcloud applications such as Calendar, Mail, Discussion and Deck will be able to provide actions and triggers to users.

This means that more and more applications will be able to offer integration, so that users can configure their Nextcloud instance to respond to a wider range of events with an ever-increasing number of actions.

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