Why favour European cloud players over GAFAM?

Why favour European cloud players over GAFAM?

Today, the question "Cloud or no cloud" no longer even arises; even if companies do not set up an internal data plan, data already circulates in (mostly American) clouds through their employees: the sales representative who wants to share a business proposal with a customer most often does so through a "free" cloud, where privacy, confidentiality and GDPR policy are often absent.

In reality, European companies are quite contradictory; on the one hand, they want their contracts to remain private, the GDPR to be insured and the applicable legislation to be European legislation. But on the other hand, by not framing their data, they break with these principles on the pretext that "a file here and there" cannot harm the fundamental principles of the GDPR in particular. Except that, as time goes by, more "debt" accumulates - more and more files circulate in uncontrollable clouds - and sometimes accidents happen: data leaks, unauthorized sharing, sensitive files in the hands of competitors or, even worse, in the hands of cybercriminals.

On the other hand, European companies are increasingly hostage to the privacy policies of American clouds, and have less and less control over the circulation of their data. But this goes far beyond companies, because even governments suffer from these problems and citizens' data already fluctuate in data centres that allow other governments to exploit them, through the Patriot Act, the Cloud Act and any legislation far from the one we, Europeans, control.

This applies not only to collaborative work systems such as Cloudeezy, but also to all other SaaS systems that companies use such as messaging, email, task sharing, CRM, ERP, search engines, analytics, advertising management, etc., to name but a few.

Europe is currently facing a massive leak of its data, which is already circulating today at Amazon (AWS) or Microsoft (Azure) among others, and which will be exploited in the more or less long term. If nothing is done in this field on a large scale, the dominant position of the USA will be accentuated every day, up to the point of no return.

By choosing to work with European operators, companies are also making the choice to data leaking to these giants, who do not only store and secure data, but also analyse, process and cross-reference them (the famous "Big Data") to always know their customers better and make the most profits possible, regardless of whether privacy is violated!

A more responsible, fairer and more secure choice for both data and people is entirely possible. Companies such as Cloudeezy place all their efforts to secure and make available their customers' data in a controlled framework, in an audited and auditable infrastructure, subject to European laws, where its customers can be confident that no analysis, processing or resale is performed on their data. This is why we encourage all companies, of all sizes, to turn to European data management solutions. With offers at €30/month for 500GB of data, prices are very competitive for responsible and scalable Nextcloud hosting with performance that meets the needs of businesses of all sizes.

The only way to create a European data ecosystem is to turn to local players at the expense of American giants and give them the means to innovate, create local jobs and advance them. This involves contracting with them and migrating from American clouds to European players.

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