Why Nextcloud Hub is the best choice to boost your organization's collaboration?

Protect, control and monitor data and communication within your organization. Enable productivity across all platforms, in the office or on the go, to share, collaborate and communicate across organizational boundaries.

It's Dropbox™, Skype™, Google™ Docs and Slack™ all in one product, but without the fears of lockdown, security and privacy of third party vendors!

File management, storage and archiving

File management, storage and archiving

Enables companies to regain control of their data, ensuring compliance, security and instant availability for all employees.
Synchronization and file sharing
Workflow management
User quota management
Version management
Recycle Bin Management
Secure and locked sharing
Calendar and events management

Calendar and events management

Allows companies and users to directly synchronize and manage their professional calendar and share events with their collaborators.
Create multiple calendars
Integrate external calendars
Sharing calendars
Outlook® Integration
Managed by CalDAV
Management of tasks between collaborators

Management of tasks between collaborators

Kanban-style organization tool for personal planning and project organization for teams integrated into Nextcloud.
Project organization
Exchange with collaborators
Task sharing with teams
Attached file management
Management of labels (tags)
Activity management and feedback
Screen sharing, online meetings and web conferencing

Screen sharing, online meetings and web conferencing

Meetings with colleagues, customers and partners - have a personal conversation with a click. Keep conversations private.
Screen sharing
Individual and group calls
Integration with other apps
Fully encrypted communications
Desktop and mobile compatible
Synchronization on Windows, MacOS, Linux, Android and iOS

Synchronization on Windows, MacOS, Linux, Android and iOS

Applications allow you to access, synchronize, download, share, and more.
Windows, MacOS and Linux clients
Android and iOS clients
WebDAV support
Access to change activities
Hundreds of uses, applications and APIs

Hundreds of uses, applications and APIs

Nextcloud enables companies to meet a majority of their needs, through a large community ecosystem, APIs and communication protocols.
Supervision tools
Note & contact management
...and even your specific need (under quote)

Unique benefits for your organization

Don't choose between performance, upgrades, customization and security.


Integration with the IS

Nextcloud is designed to integrate deeply into your infrastructure, using existing user directories and file storage systems.


Detailed Security

Nextcloud is designed to be secured with the latest web protections and secure connection technologies such as brute-force protection and 2-factor authentication.


Stay in control

Nextcloud is designed to simplify compliance by giving you control. Nextcloud offers you excellent monitoring and audit-ready logging functionality.

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