Enterprise file management, storage and sharing

Nextcloud allows companies to regain control of their data, ensuring compliance, security and instant availability wherever their employees, customers or partners with whom they share data are located around the world.
Synchronization of Nextcloud files

An enterprise file synchronization and sharing solution that keeps data under control.

Nextcloud is committed to providing technology that is perfectly adapted to your organization with a simple and efficient user interface that users need to be able to deliver on time.

Your employees must have easy access to their files, photos and documents of all sizes to be able to use and share them with team members, customers and partners. And the IT department needs to know that no one other than those with whom it has shared has access to these files.

Nextcloud is an open source file sharing and synchronization solution designed to be simple to use and highly secure.

A streamlined interface, an efficient and easy to use design ↘

An efficient and easy-to-use interface is one of the main elements that distinguishes Nextcloud. The objective is to allow users to do their work with as little effort as possible.
Main interface for file management
The interface allows easy access to each item available in the cloud in order to optimize the actions of each user and minimize management time.
Main interface for file managementView of the interface on a computer
Simplified administration management
Sharing can be a security risk. That's why Nextcloud includes tools that allow you to determine secure sharing actions for your company.
Simplified administration managementDecide who shares what and how within your organization
View details of each file
With the dedicated mini-interface, each file on your Cloud has its own life. You can collaborate with other users on each file by adding tags, view and download the different archived versions, write comments...
View details of each fileEach item has a dedicated mini-interface
View activities within your cloud
Check your cloud activity at any time and know exactly what's going on with your data.
View activities within your cloudDon't miss any more actions

Secure access, at the office or on the move

A modern and user-friendly web interface, desktop clients and mobile applications. Real-time collaboration and instant access to all data from any device, anywhere!

Compliance monitoring

Nextcloud allows administrators to monitor the health and performance of a system with a user interface and API termination point. User activity logs are generated that are fully ready for audit.

Mobile and office clients

Nextcloud Files clients for Android, iOS and desktop systems allow users to synchronize and share files in a completely secure way via a TLS encrypted connection.

Ultimate security

An open source product with strong encryption on the server and end-to-end. Files are stored in a secure infrastructure, without any third party ever having access to them.