We support you for all your Nextcloud projects ☁

Design, migration, and Nextcloud technical support

→ Study and design of your new Cloud implementation

→ Accompaniment and assistance with the migration of an existing service

→ Interface design in the image of your company or organization

→ Administrator and end-user technical support

Leverage the Nextcloud expertise your organization needs at all times

When it comes to technology management, every organization can benefit from the trusted support of a competent partner. We provide organizations with Nextcloud support services and expertise that help reduce friction through seamless integration into their teams and day-to-day operations.
Integration with your existing teams

Integration with your existing teams

We work closely with your IT teams to provide you with a solution that is fully integrated with your current IT ecosystem.
Assistance with legal compliance (GDPR, HIPAA...)

Assistance with legal compliance (GDPR, HIPAA...)

Carrying out impact analyses relating to data protection, support for Nextcloud compliance with the GDPR or HIPAA.
Application of industry best safety practices

Application of industry best safety practices

We follow the industry's best practices in terms of security to ensure you receive state-of-the-art service.

Also benefit from global expertise in project management and change management

When setting up new IT projects, limiting oneself to managing the technical project alone presents a risk of failure if the human factor is not taken into account. That's why Cloudeezy also offers you expertise in driving and adopting Nextcloud within your organization.

Management methodology, deployment and monitoring

  • Identify the levers
  • Identify the obstacles to change
  • Identify the specificities of the company
  • Establish a roadmap

Communication with the different users typologies

  • Conducting the interview
  • Building trust and confidence
  • Observation of the hearing
  • To provoke exchanges

Closing, feedback and post-project monitoring

  • Production start-up
  • Project Completion Report
  • Establish a roadmap
  • Post-project monitoring

Why choose Cloudeezy for your Nextcloud deployments in a certified cloud?

Because Cloudeezy will respect strict information security standards. Our security management system requires us to continually reassess and improve our information security practices to ensure they remain up-to-date.

ISO/IEC 27001 certified data centre

Customers can be reassured that their data is in safe hands and in secure and regularly evaluated data centers.

Support and monitoring NOC 24/7/365

Well-trained data centre technicians provide specialized and personal support 24 hours a day, by phone and email.

Monitored infrastructures and applications

The confidence to know that your Nextcloud deployment is based on continuous technical expertise, monitoring and editor updates.

Experts dedicated to your success

From the first consultation to day-to-day operations, we work to provide the best service when and how you need it.

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